So why Start a Blog?

As a passionate Vegan and a full time foodie, cooking has always been an interest of mine, my house was always filled with delicious smells and the kitchen was a place of comfort.

My journey to becoming a vegan has been filled with lots of ups and downs and a casual bit of cheese , I just couldn’t seem to kick that cheese habit… You see I used to eat meat, a lot of meat, oh and immense amounts of cheese and I loved my Sunday roasts.

As a family we loved all types of foods,  food was love and we ate all the food we could get our hands on.           It was only in the last couple of years that I became aware of the meaning behind my   food, I finally started to understand that my food was a Living Being , it was a living breathing animal and I had selfishly chose their life over my taste buds..

I was ashamed that there was a part of me that missed my home comforts, I felt that I could no longer cook the way I used to , I felt I had to start from the beginning and this was daunting to me – I felt ostracised from the cooking I used to do.

I went through a life change in this process, I left my job as an Early Years Educator , I got a job in a Vegan Restaurant as a Sous Chef, I worked in Catering, bars and pubs –  anything to be close to understanding more about plant based foods.

so I continued to learn and grown , I watched documentaries , I talked to Vegetarian and Vegan friends, involved myself in groups and communities that promoted veganism and slowly but surely I changed my eating and living habits.

 I want to show people that you can be vegan and retain that great flavour and taste and that you dont have to live off salad and boring lettuce  – you don’t have to live off frozen bean burgers and that there is so much more to being vegan than what you may think…

My blog to show all the creative recipes I have found and adapted -; a place to share recipes, a place to start up ideas for my future market Stall , to open discussions about vegan friendly foods, and to show that being vegan can be fun, creative and delicious …

So I hope you are hungry , because its about to get hot up in this kitchen…


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