Hackney Downs Vegan Market

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Recently I took a trip up north to the lands of hipsters, dock martins, ironic tops and vintage clothing. Hackney Downs was holding a night market with Vegan stalls so I decided to take the trip and check out the vegan scene.

As an avid foodie and passionate vegan, I was intrigued to find out what foods would be available. Vegans always end up seeing a lot of humus and falafel, boring veg and nothing sweet . So here are some of my favourite stalls from the Hackney Downs Market.  Enjoy


Vegan Delice – A 100% Vegan Bakery , Always Freshly Baked

The most delicious and creative cupcakes, from Lotus Biscuits to Oreo’s to freshly made donuts. When its 100% vegan how can you say no? Chanel Delice, the founder of Vegan Delice took the time to have a quick chat with me. As a food stall owner she gave me some tips to creating exquisite food that makes your customers come back again and again.

  • Her dedication to freshly baked goods
  • Lots of Practice and Getting feedback from customers
  • Consistency to great flavours
  • Strong concept
  • Keeping it simple

It was a pleasure talking to Vegan Delice and to eating the cupcakes I bought and shared with my friends. Favourite would have to be the Lotus Biscuit cupcake.

If you need to contact Vegan Delice Contact her via her Website

Or follow Vegan Delice on Instagram


Biff’s Jack Shack – Filthy AF Vegan Junk Food


When you’re craving junk food vegan style – Biff’s Jack shack is the place to go. Indulgent burgers , wings and a hilarious menu. They have so much to offer the market goer. I ordered the ‘Father Jack’ Burger – 100% vegan with smoked cheese, coleslaw and onion rings, I almost inhaled the burger it was so delicious. There is a lot of Jack Fruit on the vegan scene at the moment, Biff’s Jack Shack has nailed it. They deep fry the fruit to give a great flavoured burger or wings.

Follow them on Instagram

Or find their next whereabouts for some market funtimes on their Website


Hanoi Cà Phê – Vietnamese Street Food and Drink

Vietnamese Street food never fails to impress me, with such vibrant flavours and depth to the dish I knew Hanoi Cà Phê wouldn’t fail to deliver.  I spoke to the owner and founder of the Food stall for some quick tips on delivering quality food for all market goers. This stall although not 100% vegan did mention catering to all types of foodies, whether you eat vegan or meat they wanted to cater to all needs. Their Vegan Curry looked absolutely scrumptious.. yes I did just say scrumptious.

To follow Hanoi Cà Phê click HERE

To Go to their Website Click HERE

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